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Slovenia, Croatia, Bonia and Herzegovina, Montenegro 12 days tour

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摘要: Slovenia, Croatia, Bonia and Herzegovina, Montenegro 12 days tour Destinations: Slovenia, Croatia, Bonia and Herzegovina, Montenegro Length of the trip: 12 days Departure time: April-June, October-De ...

 Slovenia, Croatia, Bonia and Herzegovina, Montenegro 12 days tour


Destinations: Slovenia, Croatia, Bonia and Herzegovina, Montenegro

Length of the trip: 12 days

Departure time: April-June, October-December

Highlights of the trip:

The wonderland to the east AlpsBled

The wonderland of Balkan—Plitvice lake

The most charming sunseting in the world by Alfred Hitchcock

The only integrallty conserved ancient palace built by the Roman EmperorDiocletian's Palace

The city defended by WalterSarajevo

The second longest canyon in the worldTara River Canyon

The filming loaction of “Game of Thrones”Dubrovnik




Day 1 Departure city — Ljubljana

Ljubljana airport pick up. Hotel check in.



Day2 Ljubljana Bled

In the morning, we will take a city sightseeing in Ljubljana. Ljubljana in the local language refers to the city to be loved. The city is romantic and poetic . We will explore the city alongside the city’s river, where we will see the Dragon Bridge, Triple Bridge, Cobblers' Bridge, the City Square, the Public Square, and Prešeren Square. Take a cable care we will arrive Ljubljana Castle which was built in 12 centry; there we can have a panorama view of the whole city. After lunch, we will drive to the visit the “wonderland” Bled Lake. The lake is located at the foot of Alps. There is a small island in the center of the lake. On the lake is Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage Church. It says that rvery wish can come true here. We will take a boat to the island and ring the wishing bell and pray. On the cliff next to the lake is a fairytale castle. The castle was built in 11 centry. Walk up to the castle, you can see the snow on the peak of Alps as well as the charming view of Bled lake.


Day3 BledZagreb

Today we will go to the capital city of Croatia. Zagreb is distinguished by its 18th- and 19th-century Austro-Hungarian architecture. At its center, Upper Town is the site of the Gothic, twin-spired Zagreb Cathedral and 13th-century St. Marks Church, with a colorfully tiled roof. Nearby is pedestrian-friendly Tkalčićeva Street, lined with outdoor cafes. Lower Town has the main square, Ban Jelačić, plus shops, museums and parks.


Day 4  ZagrebPlitvice lake

Drive to Plitvice Lakes National Park. The beauty of the National Park lies in its sixteen lakes, inter-connected by a series of waterfalls, and set in deep woodland populated by deer, bears, wolves, boars and rare bird species. The National Park covers a total area of 300 square kilometres.



Day5 Plitvice lake Zadar

In the morning we drive to explore the historic old town of Zadar, which is also the capital of north Dalmatia. There we will visit the old town, Five Wells Square, and Church of St. Donatus. Also, in Zadar we may have chance to watch the most beautiful sunseting in the world, at the same time check out the Sea Organ. Listen to its tune made by the sea.



Day 6 ZadarTrogirSplit

Drive to Trogir after breakfast. The UNESCO protected medieval city centre is set within medieval walls on a tiny island, linked by bridges to both the mainland and to the far larger Čiovo island. Trogir is sometimes called a city-museum because of its rich cultural heritage and intact authentic architecture. Then we drive to visit SplitCroatia's second-largest city, Split is a great place to see Dalmatian life as it’s really lived. Always buzzing, this exuberant city has just the right balance of tradition and modernity. Here we will see Cathedral of St Domnius, Diocletian’s Palace, Temple of Jupiter, and Grgur Ninski Statue.



Day7 Split Mostar Sarajevo

Today we will leave Split to an old town of Bosnia and HerzegovinaMostar. It’s known for the iconic Stari Most (Old Bridge), a reconstructed medieval arched bridge. The old bridge is above the Neretva River. The bridge is 4.55m wide, and 27.34m long, the highest part above the riever surface is 20m. The nearby alleys are full of shops and market stalls at Islamic style. After lunch, we will go to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.Its restored historic centre is full of welcoming cafes and good-value lodgings, the bullet holes largely plastered over on the city's curious architectural mixture of Ottoman and Austro Hungarian buildings. Here you can recall the classic scenes in the movie “Walter Defends Sarajevo” by visiting the Bell Tower, copper alley and the mosque. We will also visit the hostoric siteLatin Bridge.  The northern end of the bridge was the site of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria by Gavrilo Princip in 1914, which became casus belli of World War I.At dinner time, we will enjoy the traditional food of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  



Day 8  SarajevoDumitor National ParkZabljak

In the morning we will driver to visit Durmitor National Park. This breathtaking national park was formed by glaciers and is traversed by rivers and underground streams. The national park has been listed as world heritage. Tara River Canyon is as long as 80km, about 1300m in depth. It is the second longest canyon in the world. And the Tara river bridge is famous for the Yugoslavia film Bridge. Then we will go to Žabljak, the town with the highest elevation in the Balkans at 1,450 m above sea level. The town of Žabljak and the whole municipality (including Durmitor, Sinjavina, and the Tara Canyon) offer breathtaking mountain landscapes.


Day 9 ZabljakPodgoricaBudva

Today we will go to the capital city of Montenegro. World War II destroyed much of the historical Ottoman and Montenegro-era Podgorica architecture. The city was then rebuilt and expanded in a manner typical of Eastern bloc countries, so it is mostly a modern planned city, owing to its interesting mix of old and new. Then we will visit the graceful medieval town of Budva. Here we can see Budva’s medieval walled old town, with its narrow alleys and Venetian-era stone buildings, as well as enjoy the beaches here.



Day10 BudvaKotorDubrovnik

Today we will visit the world heritage townKotor. Wedged between brooding mountains and a moody corner of the bay, the achingly atmospheric Kotor is perfectly at one with its setting. The fortifications of Kotor are an integrated historical fortification system that protected the medieval town of Kotor containing ramparts, towers, citadels, gates, bastions, forts, cisterns, a castle, and ancillary buildings and structures. Hemmed in by staunch walls snaking improbably up the surrounding slopes, the town is a Middle-Ages maze of museums, churches, cafe-strewn squares and Venetian palaces and pillories.

In the afternoon we will drive to visit Dubrovnik, the best protected medieval town in Europe. George Bernard Shaw was enchanted by this beautiful city, about which he said those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik, as well as, famously, describing it as the pearl of the Adriatic. It really is a stunning city with an amazing Old Town, which became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.In dubrovnik we are going to visit City Walls & Forts, Pile Gate, Orlando Column, Franciscan Monastery & Museum and Onofrio'sFountains, etc.


Day11 Dubrovnik Home

Free time in the morning; in the afternoon we will take flight from Dubrovnik airport back to home.


Day12 Arriving home