About us
Welcome to the official website of the travel agency Limea Travel Zagreb d.o.o.
Limea Travel Zagreb is a tourist agency and a professional tourism management company specialized for Asian market and incoming tourism in Croatia and all ex Yugoslavian countries: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia as well as other countries in the region of Southeast Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Albania), Central  Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary) and the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).
Our office is located in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia,  in the center of the city, Kačićeva Street No. 12.
Our agency is unique for several reasons.  First of all, we are the first tourist agency in Croatia founded in 2007 by the citizens of People’s Republic of China. Today, we are still successfully operating and developing cooperation and connections between  Asia and Europe to mutual satisfaction and increasing friendship and acquaintance between us. Our target market are  Asian countries: China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malasya, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia.
Our main goal is to provide as many opportunities to our Asian guests to get to know  beauties of European countries.  For many years, our Asian guests carried the voice of cultural and natural beauties of European countries to their friends, colleagues and business partners in Asia.
Our professional and  experienced staff  can organize a tailor made or a group travel with all the service you need, making all your requests and inquiries come true.
Our offer includes:
Organization of  individual and group travel,
Organization of business travel,
Hotel and private accommodation booking
Selling flight tickets of all airlines,
Transportation services
Restaurant reservations
Organization of weddings for Asian guests,
Tour guides
Hunting packages,
Organization of conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions
Organization of excursions,
Learning Chinese in China,
Business correspondence and consultation with Asian countries.